Dr Thibault Renaux
European Regulatory and Certification Expert





Contextual introduction (Slide 3-12)

Inventory of cold formed steel profile applications with examples of realisations with corrugated steel sheets. Situation about the design and State of the art of standards.

Experimental works during GRISPE project (Slide 14-32)

Description of the tests campaign performed during GRISPE project with selected products and description of tests results, behaviour observations and interpretation.

Design Method (Slide 33-48)

Description of the complete and simplified methods for corrugated steel sheet. Isostatic design at ULS and SLS.

Copyright lizense

Slide 1: 2 pictures (copyright JORIS IDE) Slide 3-13: All drawings are under copyright of Joris Ide. Joris Ide has the Architect authorisation for French projects photos. Slide 14-32:  2 pictures of slide 15 are under copyright of JORIS IDE. The picture of slide 17 in a copy of Eurocodes (EN 1993-1-3). All other pictures were taken (photos) or designed (drawings) by KIT because are extracted from GRISPE deliverables.  


After the module, you will be able to …

  • remember
    • three type of applications for cold formed steel profiles.
    • the 2 products studied
    • the methods that are presented for the isostatic design of corrugated steel sheets
  • comprehend 
    • Situation of actual Eurocodes about design method for corrugated steel sheets.
    • Why subdivide the intermediate support test according fastening?
    • What are the conditions to apply the simplified method?
  • apply the design method to evaluate the resistance of a plank profile
  • … synthesize
    • Does national standard exist for the design of corrugated steel sheets?
    • All test results allow to establish clear rules?
  • analyze 
    • Corrugated steel sheet on 3 supports can be faithfully design?